Starting back in April 2000, IST has consistently procured top-shelf contracts with many fortune 500 companies.  The reasons: quality, effectiveness, and a sincere understanding of technology.  We are not a recruiting firm that blindly outsources talent, we are a true hard-core software development and consulting company that focuses on providing the most cutting-edge talent and efficient solutions possible.  Whether the project is PC-based or Web-based, we have a rigorous methodology to ensure that your on or off-site project is completed within budget while meeting your standards for reliability, performance, expandability, and economic value.  Quite simply, we want to write the best software in the world.  In order to achieve this, we believe the following factors must be addressed:

Mission Statement

To deliver cost-effective, high-performance and quality software solutions to our customers
1. Cost Control  
It may seem oxymoronic, but our strategy has always been to hire the best people in the industry in order to cut costs.  It’s been our overwhelming experience that just a few excellent and seasoned developers can rapidly produce exponentially more efficient and maintainable code than even a large handful of junior to intermediate developers.  Many clients come to us soon after experiencing their own failed projects, which is usually due to the inexperience of their architects/developers, or due to the perception that more peoplepower equals more development bandwidth.  At IST, our team members work smarter, leaner, and better; which translates into smaller development crews, without sacrificing productivity or quality.
2. Performance  
How does one write the world’s fastest Business Rules Engine?  How does one create a patent-pending messaging system that revolutionizes inter-company message queue technology?  How does one consistently and exponentially increase the productivity of every single client?  Experience is the answer. 
A thorough understanding of software and hardware technology borne from decades of hands-on exposure in the field is the only way to understand the finer subtleties of architecture/development that can turn a project from a processor ‘hog’, into a lean and mean processing machine.

3. Quality

What defines quality of software?  Transparency, efficiency, currency, and ease of maintenance.  All our software is so thoroughly documented that even the motivated layperson can understand it.  Also, usage of the most current technologies can help our clients to leverage emerging efficiencies that previous generations of developers found inaccessible.  Ultimately though, the true litmus test of quality is the ease of long-term maintainability, which all good management knows is the largest expense of any software project.  By focusing on downstream maintenance right from project inception, utilization of metadata structure approaches, re-usable generic component philosophies, and excellent coding standards by our seasoned developers, we avoid the pitfall of monolithic, unmanageable legacy code that tends to result from most large-scale projects.